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Ultimate Cover Up by W7 is a SUPER high coverage makeup formula for the face and body. This foundation covers blemishes, tattoos and birth marks while giving you a natural looking finish for your face and body. Your skin will look even with a matte appearance. Use this as the ultimate weapon against skin imperfections. Apply in thin layers and build it up as desired, or just use as the perfect corrector for a dark under-eye area, spots and blemishes. You can covers acne, pigmentation problems, scars and bruises as well as tattoos. The Ultimate Cover Up comes in twelve shades, so you can be sure to find an ideal match. Our tip: pick two or three colours to blend, so that you will always get your exact skin tone. 

In the Republic of Cyprus, we offer FREE home delivery*, for purchases over  €30.00. For purchases of lower amounts the delivery charge is € 5.00.

In Greece, we offer Free home delivery* for purchases over €60.00 ; for purchases of lower amounts the delivery charge is €10.00

*Additional charges may apply ,please see more details on our 'Delivery' page.

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