About us

One day in 2006 I went to find a new Mascara in our town in Cyprus. I came home pretty annoyed, as the only one I was able to find, without any brand name, cost a small fortune. I bitterly complained to my husband about this.

So we decided that it was time to introduce some keenly priced cosmetics into the market.

We strongly believe that these small luxuries should be affordable by everyone. So we set out to make them available at the best price possible.

We had a discount shop back then, selling everything and anything for 2 euro. Similar to the UK pound shops. We started sourcing cosmetics and selling them in our shops. They were a hit.

In 2017 we decided to open a shop in Paphos, Cyprus, solely dedicated to Cosmetics and Beauty products. We increased the product range of "all things beauty", hair, fragrance, cosmetics, body products and accessories. A great selection for everyone’s pocket.
Our team of 10 who care passionately about cosmetics is made up of beauty addicts, beauty lovers and makeup-artists . We are all passionate about the products we offer and we’ll never stop learning.
This website is the natural extension to our popular shop. We want to make all the great products we offer in our shop available to everyone at the click of a button; in Cyprus, and, in time, beyond.
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