Nutra Nail Flex-Shield Nail Hardener


Nutra Nail Flex-Shield nail hardener . Forms A Hard And Flexible Invisible Shield. Helps Stop Breaking, Tearing and Peeling. Absorbs Everyday Nail Trauma. Nail Hardener helps soft weak nails stand up to everyday wear and tear. Real diamond particles are known to add strength and durability plus brilliant lustrous shine. Grow longer nails in 5-7 days. Instantly strengthens nails. You Have: Soft, fragile nails that break, crack, chip or peel. Nails that just won't grow without breaking. You Want: Longer, stronger, harder, healthy nails. How it Works: Titanium and real Micro-Diamond formula instantly bonds to strengthen and seal fragile nail layers with a virtually shatterproof, protective shield. Locks in moisture to nourish and help stop breaking so nails can grow. You'll Get: Noticeably harder, stronger nails instantly.


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