Permanent Hair Colour "Miss Magic Luxe Colors" 108g № 101 Black


101 Black

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The new Miss Magic Luxe Colors offers a maximum coverage of white hair, durable colors and a gentle hair care. Its balanced formula, combined with the precious oils of Argan, Avocado and Almond, is specially developed for a perfect penetration of the colouring pigments inside the hair. The Argan oil acts as a “nutritional supplement” - it nourishes dry and damaged hair, regains its natural softness and shine. Nettle extract, Vitamin F and Keratin give volume and elasticity to the hair.

Pack contains: 

1 Hair Colour tube 40 g
1 Bottle of developer 50 g
1 Neutralizing Balsam 15 g
1 Nurturing Fluid 3 g
1 Pair of protective gloves
Directions for use

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