Sanctuary Spa Protect Stop The Clock Gel Creme SPF15 50ml


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Everyday your skin is exposed to potentially damaging elements but a few daily essentials will keep your complexion looking healthy & youthful for longer. Infused with pure essential oils & protective natural ingredients each product in our PROTECT range is created to hydrate & defend against sun, air-conditioning & pollution.

Protect your skin’s future beauty. Instant boost of youth protecting moisture Powered by vitamin E & the multi-active anti-ageing herb verbena, this refreshing gel-crème helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, softens, smoothes & hydrates for skin that looks healthier & more youthful in 2 weeks.

To boost skin’s natural defences, our protective moisture & SPF complex shields your skin, providing 24 hour protective hydration so your skin stays feeling soft, smooth & moisturised all day. Perfectly balanced for normal/combination skin. 

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