Sure Anti-Bacterial Odour Anti Perspirant Spray for Men 150ml


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Up to 48 hours of protection, No antiperspirant deodorant marks on your shirts -protects your clothes on every level. No white marks on dark cloths, No yellow marks on  white shirts .
Bacteria cause body odour, not the sweat itself. This antibacterial antiperspirant deodorant tackles odour at the source by eliminating odour-causing bacteria.
Sure Men Invisible Antibacterial antiperspirant deodorant contains innovative Sure MotionSense technology which releases a bursts of fragrance when you need it most. When you move, friction breaks those micro capsules and they release more fragrance. So the more you move, the more it protects.
So stay in control and keep fresh with Sure Men Invisible Antibacterial antiperspirant deodorant to keep sweat, odour, white marks and yellow stains at bay.
Anti-sweat. Anti-odour. Anti-marks. All in one.
Sure. It won’t let you down.
contains : ethyl alcohol

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