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What’s a Zen Konjac sponge? It’s made from the Konjak potatoe, also called Elephant yam, that also miracle noodles are made from. No you do not need to rub pasta on your face!

This nifty little sponge is totally natural and helps improve skin quality, reduces acne, dry patches, eczema, by increasing circulation, balancing the ph level of the skin and cleansing the pores and inhibiting bacteria.

You can, but do not need to, use cleansing products with it,but just water will do. Zen Konjac naturally nourishes the skin and this wonder veggie even has antioxidants . W7 Zen Konjac is completely natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

The first time you use it, soak for 15 minutes (next time 1 minute is enough) in warm water- squeeze out gently. Massage face in circular motion with water or your favourite cleanser- rinse out squeeze gently- do not pull or twist. Hang up in dry, ventilated area till your next use.

W7 Zen Konjak is available at our shop in white- natural, or dark grey- charcoal infused.

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